The music of ANUGAMA

Music to Celebrate the Spirit  We create music to bring the healing and regenerative spirit of love to as many people as can be touched by it. Our intention is to offer you the kind of music that inspires you and brings you in touch with inner abundance and well being.


About Anugama

Anugama is a gifted multi-instrumentalist who has been publishing his music since 1998. His compositions cover a wide spectrum of expression. Tribal rhythmic dance music. Shamanistic music of power and peace. Uplifting, lyrical melodies. Flute music reflecting cultures around the globe. He creates the ethereal music of vastness and silence that lets the listener explore their own inner expansion and stillness. His compelling rhythms, alive with exceptional feeling, sensitivity and skill, are at the heart of his music. Anugama's music creates an environment of uplifting support, confirmation and nourishment for heart and soul. Learn more about Anugama