Massage Magazine  Review of Shamanic Dream II by Damon Orion, a composer, musician and music teacher in Santa Cruz, California

In composer/musician Anugama's capable hands, instruments such as the keyboard and talking drum are transformed into ritual tools for the harmonization of body and mind. Shamanic Dream II, his 14th album, is his latest release on Open Sky Music, his own label. Subtitled Return to Innocence, it is an impressive collection of relaxation music written, arranged and performed entirely by Anugama.

The slow, constant pulse of the first track, "Shamanic Journey", takes the listener deeper and deeper into a relaxed state. Spanning nearly a full half-hour, the song is interspersed with chants of om Shanti, a Sanskrit exclamation of bliss that comes from the understanding that the soul is immortal. Shakuhachi flute and voice samples of Indian spiritual master Papaji take center stage until the slow fade that brings the song to a close. "Sweetness of the Earth" occupies the next 28 minutes of the CD. Like the first song, it floats along at an unchanging tempo and features flute as its main melodic instrument. The words "Letting go" are chanted softly at several points. Mouth harp and didgeridoo combine to provide a low drone similar to an om chant.

"Magic Flow", the album's third and final track, is introduced by the poignant strains of the tamboura, a fret less Indian lute. The song's slow pace and sparse use of drums round out the CD on a wispy, mystical note.

One of Shamanic Dream II's most intriguing aspects is its use of consciousness-altering techniques to induce feelings of well-being. These include the use of sounds synchronized with orbital speeds of particular planets, the juxtaposition of tones of slightly different frequencies or pitches to create subsonic waves, and the use of frequencies above 2000 Hz, which are carried to the brain through bone conduction.

Like his previous releases, such as Tantraand Lightness of Being, Anugama's latest offering is a musical invitation to cast aside worldly pressures and return to a more tranquil state. Its gently spiritual atmosphere and exotic instrumentation make it an obvious choice for massage accompaniment.

Sedona Journal  Review of Shamanic Dream II by Steve Ryals

I trust that most of you are familiar with AnugamaÕs music. He's released twelve CD's since 1982 and has sold over a million units. That's quite an achievement for anyone especially a New Age artist. Released on his own recently created label, Shamanic Dream II is the long awaited follow-up to his Shamanic Dream. On heavy rotation at my house for the past several weeks, I find Shamanic Dream II to be an extraordinarily potent album, meticulously crafted to take advantage of the latest advances in sound therapy. Exquisite for massage, meditation or simple relaxation, playing Shamanic Dream II in your home is a sure recipe for peace.

Anugama is a gifted musician as well as composer. He plays all the instruments on Shamanic Dream II, including shakuhachi flute, Brazilian berimbau, tambura, didgeridoo, mouth harp, percussion, keyboards, shamanic drum, talking drum and doira drum. He also mixes in voice samples from the noted guru Papaji. The gentle percussion is called "relaxed heartbeat-rhythm" and it works beautifully in creating a healing trance state. The three long tracks melt together in a seamless whole, affording the listener the opportunity to dive deeply into a state of inner peace, even bliss. In short, Shamanic Dream 2 is probably Anugama's best work to date.

Backroads Music Distribution  Review of Shamanic Dream II by Lloyd Barde

This is one of the finest pieces of music I have ever heard. The previous Shamanic Dream is one of the more beloved titles we have sold over the years, embraced by body workers, movement classes, listeners who want to "trance out" in a different way, and in many cases, newcomers who are greatly moved by what they hear. On the long-awaited "sequel," we have a new dimension of sound that envelops the listener in a gentle yet powerful shamanic space that invites us into the very heart of pleasurable listening. Heartbeat rhythms, prayerful flute passages, melodic and spacious, and peaceful mantra chants all intertwine with magical results.

The first track is called "Shamanic Journey (Om Shanti)," and is tuned to the New Moon frequency, running for nearly 30 minutes in length — yet you might not want it to end!

Next is "Sweetness of the Earth," earth-sound with patterned, circular drum beats accompanied by the subtlest of mantras reciting "Letting Go". The use of berimbau is especially effective, with tambura, didgeridoo, mouth harp, and various ethnic drums all joining together in a mesmerizing trance piece that also runs half an hour in length. It takes the journey even deeper, while extending the layers of relaxation past thorough and beyond. The final piece, another 16 minutes of extended shamanic bliss, is called "Magic Flow" and indeed it is! Using environmental sounds, binaural beat frequencies, 3‑D sounds and other sound enhancement techniques, there is a vast pool of sonic spectral sound to dive into.

As the crowning jewel in Anugama's spiritual environments series, Shamanic Dream II is an absolute delight of soothing relaxation, inspired heartbeat movement, and precise sound construction that clearly displays untapped levels of care and conception.

Need I say more? #1 at Backroads Music soon to be #1 with you and yours.