Lightness of Being

Lightness of Being Total Time: 73:29

A collection of music especially designed for relaxation, massage and meditation. The sequence of the songs has been arranged with the intention to evoke a deeper and deeper state of relaxation in the listener.

Instrumentation: classical guitar, flamenco guitar, steelstring guitar, Hawaiian slide guitar, recorder flute, electronic flutes, traverse flute, native American flutes, shakuhaji flute, keyboards and native American drums.

1. Eastern Sun 2:46 min

2. Purple Dawn 4:31 min

3. Silent Joy 6:10 min

4. Tropical Morning 8:37 min

5. Gentle Touch 6:04 min

6. Morning Glory 5:06 min

7. Call of the Search 5:52 min

8. IO-Moon of Jupiter 3:31 min

9. Song of the Whales 4:51 min

10. Eternal Traveler 5:27 min

11. Shaku Sunset 5:29 min

12. The Empty Sky 6:35 min

13. Timeless 8:32 min