Shamanic Dream 2 - Anugama

This peaceful Relaxation-Trance music flows with a gentle shamanic spirit inviting us into the heart of being. Prayerful flute melodies, relaxed heartbeat drumming and chants are leading us on a magical journey.

Voted the best Meditation/Healing album at the 4th annual New Age Voice Music Avard !

Shamanic Dream - Anugama

A relaxed heartbeat drum rhythm accompanied by the sacred mantra "So be it" draws the listener deep into the healing power of mother earth. Ethereal and mystical sounds on the second track Chakra Journey vitalize and harmonize the subtle energy centers of the body.

Celestial Classics - Anugama

Peaceful largos arranged with soft, celestial sounds capturing the essence of the Old Masters in the spirit of the "Classical Healing Effect." The compositions have been arranged at a slow and relaxed tempo of 60 beats per minute, which has a most calming effect on the listener.

The Lightness of Being -Anugama

A collection of music especially designed for relaxation, massage and meditation. The sequence of the songs has been arranged with the intention to evoke a deeper and deeper state of relaxation in the listener.

Healing - Anugama

These harmonious and soothing compositions combined with planet sounds, theta sounds and relaxing nature sounds are designed to create a healing effect on the body, mind and spirit.

Tantra - Anugama

This music introduces the ancient art of Tantra for healing, relax-ation and medi-tation, capturing the essence of love and sexual energy. A deep, soothing and enriching experience which stimulates spiritual alertness and awareness through sound therapy.

Jungle of Joy - Anugama

Earthy rhythms underlie joyous and meditative melodies. Ethnic instruments like the shakuhachi, drums and South American pan flute give each piece its own unique and very special character. Anugama makes magic while guiding us on a journey through his Jungle of Joy.

Morning Breeze - Anugama

The lively melodies of this music invite you to enjoy existence. It enriches all activities of your daily life and helps you maintain the fresh breeze of the new morning throughout the day and make it as rich an experience as the rhythmical flow of Anugama's compositions.

Environment 1: Ocean & Tambura

Relaxation Through Music
This music reflects the wildness of the ocean, untamed and lovely at the same time. Meditative sounds of the flute and tambura drift on the wings of an aquatic paradise.

Environment 2: River and Bells

The light and soft melodies of the flute merging with Tibetan bells and the song of the water create a great atmosphere for relaxation. The gentle flow of this music will help your body and soul to remember its effortless and harmonious way of being.

Silent Joy - Anugama

Charming pan flute variations lead us a long way and make us participate in the silent joy of one who returns home. Anugama's music is meta music representing an intercultural level. It has a special luminous power that can lead to happiness.

Exotic Dance - Anugama

The exciting rhythms played on Oriental and African drums are perfect for African Dance and Belly Dance or to simply release blocked energy in the joy of dancing. Anugama's title "African Journey" was featured in the award-winning fillm Baraka.

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