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Heart of Kindness Picture
Hallelujah - Music by Peter Makena

The essence of most of these songs were born many years ago in Poona, India in an Ashram where many people sang together and celebrated life and their connection to God!
I feel deeply blessed and thankful to have been part of this international and multi-cultural gathering of kindred souls.
We shared a time and a feeling of tremendous freedom and possibility together that has shaped our lives and who we are today.
This album is my contribution to acknowledge and further the joy and fullfilment that is inherent in the persuit of creative and free expression wherever it arises.

1. Hallelujah

2. You are a Flower

3. I am here to wake you up

4. Hollow Bamboo

So Amazing

If you don't fight with life

7. Inner Lover

8. Let it all go

9. Light upon Light

10. Water of the River

11. White Cloud

12. La Alah

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