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Mangnificence -
Music by Peter Makena
The three songs “There is so much Magnificence near the Ocean”, ”Fly High”, and “Draw Near” are songs I created decades ago at the Osho Ashram in India, where hundreds, sometimes thousands of inspired and passionate souls sang, danced, meditated and learned to appreciate the preciousness of Being. With these recordings, I honor the timeless magic of that unique happening, and all those amazing friends who shared this magic, especially Osho, who graced our lives and challenged us to live our truth and our potential.

Backup vocals:
Dinah Arosa Marker:
Sudha Kristine Bonne:
Bansuri flute:  Praful:
Additional backup vocals: Rainah, Satya, and Aneeta
Piano, keyboards, bass and rhythm section by Maneesh de Moor
Vocals, guitars: Peter Makena
Produced, arranged and mixed by Maneesh de Moor and Peter Makena
All songs written by Peter Makena

1. Mangnificence  listen

2. Fly High listen

3. Gacchami  listen

4. Holy Ground listen

5. Hare Om listen

6. Draw Near listen

7. Mystery Veil listen

8. The River listen

9. The way you are listen

10. Kayla listen

11. Thank you listen

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