Lovesongs & Sutras

Lovesongs & Sutras -
Music by Peter Makena

Song of an Angel

Hope, where are you...all forgotten....the last straw slipping away.
Dreams where are you...all the first light of the day.
No time to hold on....
what can come will be gone...
like the song of angel that comes unexpectedly,
to catch the ear....
The song of an angel that comes when you're open to hear...
The songs of forgiveness the songs of delight...
The songs that have reached us in the darkest of night.
While the flame that is burning, the sound that is heard,
comes only from one source alone.
Ooh... send me an angel !

You and I

Happy is the moment when we sit together
with two forms, two faces, yet one soul...
you and I.
The flowers they will sing forever,
the birds will sing their eternal song,
the moment we enter the garden...
you and I.
The stars of heaven will come out to watch us
and we will show them the light of the full moon....
you and I.
No more thought of you,
no more thought of I, just this precious moment.
No more thought of you,
no more thought of I, no more thought.
Joyous of mind,
you and I.
All the bright winged birds of heaven
will swoop down to drink from our sweet water:
the tears of our laughter....
you and I
What a miracle of fate: us sitting here,
even at the opposite end of the earth
we are still together.... you and I.

Loose Yourself

You're the call of the rising sun,
you're the light of the full moon,
you're the seeker, you're the goal, the seeking itself;
blazing like a fire in every heart.

There was a time we lost ourselves in others,
a time we ate the best food.
There was a time we relied on intellect,
a time we looked for future;
but all this had no value in the end.

For a mouthful of food and bitter herbs
we went everywhere, made so many plans.....
one day it was Rome, the next day Africa.
We entered a raging battlefield.....for what?
a few crumbs of bread!

Now stay with this silence a while.
I once ran toward the knowledge of this world.
Now the papers are packed, the pens are broken.
Oh! waiter, bring on wine!

Knock, and he will open the door.
Vanish, ..he will make you shine like the sun
Fall .. and he will raise you to heaven.
Become nothing, he will turn you into everything

Loose yourself in this love.
I swear there is no other way.

I'll Meet You There

All day, and all,
a quiet bright song.
If it fades, we fade.

Out beyond ideas of doing right or wrong,
there is a field, I'll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in this grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
I'll meet you there.

Out beyond ideas of being right or wrong,
there is a field I'll meet you there.
Ideas and language, even the phrase "each other",
does not make any sense at all.
I'll meet you there.


I'd like to connect with you somehow,
and I know the only moment is now.
So, if you want to sing along, come pick a tune.
I'm sure you'll pick it up soon.

Totally.... water flows totally,
wind blows totally,
fire burns totally,
The bird flies gently on the wind.
It makes no effort at all
Totally enraptured, totally at ease,
totally surrendered to what is.

I let what comes come,
I let what goes go.
I remain in the emptiness free.
I let go of any thought of who I think I am.
I remain in the emptiness free.
I let go, grasping for experience.
I let go the need to understand.
I remain in the emptiness free.

I am freedom, I am peace, I am not that, I am not this.
I live in the garden of the wondrous one,
where all these words turn into silence.

At Home

Take me into the spheres of music, I'm at home there.

Take me into the spheres of silence, I at home there.

Take me into this very moment, I am at home here.

At home, finally at home.

Shimmering Rays

The world dances around the sun.
The morning light breaks, spinning up with delight.
How can anyone, touched by this love,
not dance like a weeping willow?

Like sun shine, it will.
Like the atoms spin, it will.
Like the breeze of spring, love sways the earth...gently.
Every branch that is not dead ,dance it will!

Your love has filled me with a fire,
no one could ever know.
Your gaze enchanted my heart with a poem,
no one could ever write.

The Sufi is dancing from dusk 'til dawn,
like the shimmering rays of the sun.

Rhythm of Our Hearts

Love and gratitude is our calling now, oh beloved.
The light of your face eluminates the universe
and from this light in all ages you have taken form.
You shape the destiny of every soul
and every night you bring another joy, another celebration.

You're in the rhythm of our hearts now...
A thousand hearts of gratitude
receive the touch of your light.
The dancing lovers joyous call echoes in waves of delight.
You will dance forever as the rhythm of our hearts.

I Rejoice

The morning light breaks through the clouds,
the birds are jubilating out loud.
All of existence takes a moment of the day
to send good vibrations and love your way......
and I join into the great flow of delight.

There's wings attached to my heart today.
They lift the spirit, make me sing and play.
I bow to you in gratitude and I rejoice.
I take this chance to make a joyful noise.
Thank you for the love you make me feel.

Now I wish you Happy Birthday
from the bottom of my heart.
May your every moment be in essence a new start.
Laughter, happiness and goodness;
may they be your closest friends......
and may the golden light within you shine forever, without end.

I rejoice in waves of your love.
I rejoice in the stars above.
I rejoice in the roaring thunder of your song.

It's a Blessing

The great spring has come.
Your sweet air..... blowing through the city,
the country, the gardens and the a blessing.
Caught in this body, we look for a sight of the soul.
Remember what the prophet said:
One glimpse is a Blessing!

There's no I, only you.
There's no you, only Love.
All of nature sings in delight....singing without tongues,
listening without ears. It's a blessing!
The brilliant sun, the golden light that shines in every heart.....
for heavens earth and creatures all... what a blessing!
I bow to you, for the dust of your feet is the crown on my head.
As I walk toward you, every step I take is a blessing.
The heart can't wait to speak of this.
The soul is kissing the earth.
Whirling, twirling, giving thanks; what a blessing!
Fill me with the wine of your silence.
Let it soak my every pour.....
for the inner splendor it reveals is a blessing.

I'm here to wake up to this day.
I'm here to dance the clouds away.
I'm here to live and sing my song.
and disappear into the Blessed one.

Who Am I

What is to be done oh brother
I do not who I am.
What is to be done? Oh sister!
I do not know who I am.
I'm not a Christian, not a Jew. I'm not a Buddhist or a Hindu..
I'm not the king, nor the beggar. I'm not of substance nor of form.
I'm not from India, not from china,.
I'm not from the east, not from the west.
I'm not from this world or the next.
I'm not from heaven, not from hell.

I've cast away all difference. Now I see the two worlds as one.
I call, I seek, I know I am...only One.
Now I know You and You alone.
Drunk from the wine of the cup of love,
the two worlds have slipped from my reach.
I have nothing left to do here, save drink your wine and dance with delight.
Oh, I'm so drunk on your love, I have lost this entire world.
Besides the sweet taste of your wine,
I have no tale left to tell.

My mouth may be open and words may come out,
but you are every sweet song of mine.

So, do not think that the drop alone becomes the ocean,
the ocean too becomes the drop!!

I Call The Spirit

I call the spirit of the night.
I call the spirit of the day.
I call the spirit of the unseen.
I call the spirit of the way........ I call the spirit of love!

I call the spirit of the sun/the moon/ the desert/the jungle.....
I call the spirit of love....
fire/ water air earth...... I call the spirit of love!
wolf /lion /ant /leopard / bear/ elephant/ the wild/ the untamed /forests.......
I call the spirit of love!
lovers /warriors /thinkers singers dancers farmers......
I call the spirit of love!
child/ innocence /old man/ old mother/ great loving father......
I call the spirit of love!
unknown /uncharted / open /the unknowable......
I call the spirit of love!
mystics /blessed ones /golden beings
silence/ peace /understanding/ courage.....
I call the spirit of love!
May we all come together
and take the experience of life
to a next higher level of being!

Habib Allah

I say: my eyes--- you say : look for him!
I say: my ears--- you say : listen!
I say: my heart--- You say what's inside?
I say: my longing--- I say: my longing!
You say: That's all you need!


Beloved Lord, Almighty God,
Through the rays of the sun,
Through the waves of the air,
Through the all pervading life in space,
Purify and revivify us, and we pray:
Heal this body, heart and soul

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