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Lovesongs & Sutras

Lovesongs & Sutras -
Music by Peter Makena

This CD of Peter Makena contains enchanted melodious songs of the heart. They express celebration, beauty, longing, joy and deep insight into human existence. The lyrics to some of the songs are excerpts from the writings of the 11th century poet Jelaludin Rumi.

1. Song of an Angel listen

2. You and I listen

3. Loose Yourself  listen

4. I'll Meet You There listen

5. Totally listen

6. At Home listen

7. Shimmering Rays listen

8. Rhythm of Our Hearts listen

9. I Rejoice listen

10. It's a Blessing listen

11. Who Am I listen

12. I Call The Spirit listen

13. Habib Allah listen

14. Nayaz  listen

Total Time: 63:35

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