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"In Love" CD Image
In Love - Music by Peter Makena

In love is an expression of joyful thankfulness and love for life. Some of the songs are also inspired by Rumi and other teachers, friends and events in PeterÕs life who point the finger to That... the inexpressible, the source from which all arises. The songs are an attempt to communicate the fullness and preciousness of the treasure of just this. Songs for moments Òwhen all is said and done.Ó or moments Òwhen there is nothing to be lost or wonÓ or just when you want to listen to music that "brings you home."


1. Koan  listen

2. Crossroads listen

3. Window To Your Heart  listen

4. At A Time Like This listen

5. Wild Rose listen

6. In Your Eyes listen

7. Be Welcome listen

8. Forever Here listen

9. Just One Glimpse listen
10.The Breeze At Dawn listen

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